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QuickRange® modular shooting ranges

QuickRange is the ultimate pre-fabricated live-fire modular shooting range complete with bullet traps, HVAC system, lighting, shooting stalls and targetry. Add the PRISim Suite LiveFire Trainer to create the most realistic training experience, combining live-firing with interactive HD scenarios.

QuickRange is safe, modular and expandable. Each module provides a complete indoor range up to 25, 50 or even 100 metres in length, with two shooting lanes and options for fixed or overhead retrievable targets. Additional modules can be added later to accommodate more shooting lanes.

Every QuickRange modular shooting range meets or exceeds current NIOSH, EPA and OSHA regulations for safety, air quality and noise prevention.

QuickRange is available for a wide range of calibers, from 9mm up to .50 cal. With its patented vertical helical trap system, QuickRange ensures a zero Surface Danger Area for all properly aimed shots. This means QuickRange can be placed almost anywhere, creating a safe training solution.

Follow the link for a list of QuickRange features.

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