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QuickRange® features

Static or tactical

QuickRange comes in 2 variations: static and tactical.

The static configuration provides a fixed shooting line with overhead retrievable targets and shooting stalls. Each shooter can set the target distance for his shooting lane independently.

The tactical configuration offers a walk-down range with full ballistic interior. Shooters can safely advance downrange and engage the overhead targets—or a live-fire PRISim Suite training simulator—from different distances.

Modular and expandable

QuickRange is available in lengths from 25 to 100 metres.

Every QuickRange comes complete with bullet traps, HVAC system, lighting and fixed or retrievable targets.

Each module supports up to 2 shooting lanes. You can purchase additional modules to increase the number of available lanes as your budget allows.

A separate control room can be added (optional) for ranges with more than 4 shooting lanes.

Supports all calibers

QuickRange can support any caliber from 5.56mm to 7.62mm, 9mm and even .50 cal.

The patented vertical helical trap system uses a deceleration chamber to capture rounds in a collection container.

The collection containers are sealed, and the trap system is kept under negative pressure to prevent dust and debris flowing back into the range.

Incendiary, armor-piercing and steel penetrator rounds cannot be used with QuickRange.