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Home Team Academy

The Singapore Police Force embarked on the construction of a new law enforcement training village to replace their existing Police Academy, which was built in the 1950s. The new Home Team Academy has all modern training facilities and amenities, and features a comprehensive range complex complete with indoor shooting ranges, electronic targetry and PRISim judgemental simulation systems.

The customer required a modern, multi-storey indoor shooting range complex that could provide training to police officers using a variety of small arms, ranging from .38 revolvers and 9mm pistols up to 5.56mm rifles. A key requirement was to provide computerised targetry systems to train officers in basic and advanced weapons handling, marksmanship and judgemental skills.

CDUK Ltd's sister company, CDUK Pte Ltd, working in partnership with Intraco—a local main contractor—was appointed the specialist fit-out contractor for the indoor range complex. Work commenced in 2005, with project completion in the second quarter of 2006.

CDUK Pte Ltd provided the bullet protection systems and anti-ricochet finishes, bullet traps for all ranges, various types of targetry equipment and shooting stalls.

CDUK Pte Ltd continues to provide de-leading and range cleaning of all the indoor ranges, as well as maintenance and support for the electronic targetry, safety monitoring and simulation systems.

Competition range at the Home Team Academy.

Range complex features

  • 100 metre walk down range
  • 100 metre range that can be re-configured as a 25 metre indoor range with shooting stalls
  • Three 25 metre ranges, each with 12 lanes of retrievable targets
  • Two live-fire PRISim judgemental training simulators
  • A laser-fire PRISim simulation room with integrated ShootBack cannon and tethered weapon conversions.