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King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre

CDUK developed a comprehensive master plan design for what would become the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre in Jordan. CDUK carried out detailed needs analysis to determine the training requirements for this multi-role training facility.

The customer required a state-of-the-art master plan design for a live-fire urban and counter-terrorist training centre. CDUK conducted training needs analysis, including detailed studies of life-cycle operation and long term maintenance.

As a key member of a world-class total solution project team, CDUK validated the client's training needs and developed an integrated solution based on three specialist training centres. The three centres would provide training in:

  • Urban Operations and Close Quarters Battle
  • Maritime Counter Terrorism, and
  • marksmanship and live-fire tactical training.

The design of the Special Operations Training Centre also provided individual components to support training for counter terrorism, internal security, peacekeeping operations, joint operations and NBC warfare.

The master plan covered all aspects of counter-terrorist training, including a large live-fire urban village, multiple outdoor ranges, CQB houses, an explosive Method of Entry (MOE) building, grenade ranges, aircraft and train mock-ups, a driver-training track, sniper training facility, and a maritime ship's side mock-up.

Urban operations training at KASOTC. A Special Forces unit assaults an aircraft training mock-up.