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Middle East QuickRange®

As part of their continuous improvement in training provision, the General Headquarters of a Middle East Police Force identified a need for more indoor shooting range facilities at various locations.

To meet this requirement, CDUK delivered a number of QuickRange modular ranges in 2008 and 2010. The modular ranges were manufactured at our dedicated production facility in Las Vegas.

The modular QuickRanges were provided with the following features:

  • Live-fire PRISim Suite judgemetal training simulators
  • Overhead retrievable target systems
  • Tactical configuration—allowing walk-down training from 25 to 5 metres
  • Full ballistic containment for up to 5.56mm ammunition
  • Extreme Climate package—with air-conditioning systems and HEPA filtration for exhaust air
  • Patented vertical helical bullet trap with in-built lead collection.

Following the completion of pre-fabrication in Las Vegas, each module was transported to Houston and then shipped via sea freight. During the manufacturing period, the end-user constructed a simple foundation and arranged for permanent power to be provided at each job site.

On arrival at the destination port, the QuickRange modules were transported to the individual job sites and installed by a team of CDUK engineers. Installation of each QuickRange, from initial offloading to live-fire acceptance by the end user, took just 4 days.