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Police Specialist Training Centre

Recognising the new opportunities provided by the British Government's Private Finance Initiative, CDUK Ltd initially advised the Metropolitan Police Authority and later the operating contractor regarding the design, construction, finance and operation of the Metropolitan Police Specialist Training Centre (MPSTC) in Gravesend, Kent.

The MPSTC was opened in 2003 to provide London's officers with firearms and public order training, which would help to maintain the Metropolitan Police Service's worldwide reputation as a leading law enforcement agency.

CDUK provided all specialist firearms-related design, fit-out of the live-fire ranges with internal ballistic and anti-ricochet finishes, simulation and targetry equipment, and range sound systems.

In 2010, CDUK was awarded a further contract to upgrade the specialist indoor shooting ranges and simulation systems. The upgraded training simulators feature High-Definition projection systems, additional support for standard issue firearms and less-lethal devices, laser-based 3D virtual training environments, and a course editor for creating bespoke training exercises.

An aerial view of the Metropolitan Police Specialist Training Centre at Gravesend

Training centre features

  • Specialist indoor and outdoor live-fire shooting ranges
  • An assault house for practising Method of Entry (MOE) techniques
  • An urban range with simulated road configurations and house facades
  • An outdoor public order training facility with road patterns and house facades
  • Train, subway and aircraft mock-ups
  • Search houses
  • A widescreen PRISim simulator for live-fire judgmental training
  • A single-screen laser-fire PRISim simulator with converted MP5 and Glock 17 firearms
  • Classrooms with extensive IT equipment
  • Accommodation for over 300 officers, and leisure facilities.