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Aircraft mock-ups

CDUK has designed, fabricated and delivered a range of bespoke aircraft mock-ups to many customers around the world. Mock-ups have ranged from part-task trainers to full scale aircraft complete with internal ballistic fit-out to incorporate live-fire shooting.

Our aircraft mock-ups feature realistic passenger and cargo doors to give assault teams a training environment where they can practice door-opening techniques and entry drills. Anti-ricochet seats and bullet protection systems provide a safe environment for trainees to shoot, whilst preventing rounds from leaving the aircraft.

Custom-made ventilation systems—with HEPA filtration systems—remove lead-in-air from the cabin.

We start each project with a training needs analysis to establish the requirements for the aircraft mock-up. This is followed by a systematic design process leading to the development of a full bespoke solution.

Aircraft mock-up features

  • Full-scale or part-task fuselage
  • Reclaimed interior or mock-up seating, lockers and interior doors
  • Realistic passenger and cargo doors
  • Bullet protection systems and anti-ricochet finishes
  • Air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation
  • Safety and monitoring systems
  • Live or laser-fire judgemental training simulators for aircraft security personnel.
An full-size aircraft mock-up being fabricated in a factory.
Interior view of the anti-ricochet seats in the economy class cabin.