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Range management systems

Range management systems form an integral part of any modern shooting range, providing an extra layer of safety, as well as giving centralised control of all range systems to the range operators.

CDUK can integrate different range systems to make the operation of training activities and range usage as seamless and efficient as possible.

All elements of the range can be monitored and controlled from a central control room; from HVAC systems and lighting, distraction systems, electronic targetry and training simulators, to communication and safety and monitoring systems.

Range control systems are a quick and easy way to control all mechanical and electrical services. CDUK can provide:

  • Range targetry systems
  • Lighting control
  • Audio visual systems
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Fire protection
  • Range management systems
  • Air-handling plant control systems
  • Safety and monitoring systems
  • Video monitoring
  • Perimeter security.

Video monitoring systems

A video monitoring system serves an important role in any range control system. Not only does it allow training activities to be monitored and recorded (for debriefing and After Action Reviews), it also provides a way to remotely monitor all access ways leading into and out of any live-firing areas and the surrounding perimeter. Alarms and events can trigger recording and even show events before and after the alarms were activated.

View of the control systems inside the control room of an indoor modular shooting range.