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TargetMaster is a universal target control system developed by CDUK, which is manufacturer neutral. Existing target mechanisms are maintained and a new, automated simple control system is included.

The TargetMaster software allows moving, pop-up and turning targets to be controlled manually using the mouse or with a simple timer for basic shooting practices.

For more complex training requirements, scripts can be created and saved to the hard disk in a library of training sets. Training sets containing simple target turning sequences can be quickly and easily created and can be saved for reloading at a later date.

Additional modules can be added to control other range systems requiring either an 'on-off' function (range lighting, smoke, fog and other effects) or one time activation (pyrotechnics and sound effects).

The TargetMaster system comprises:

  • TargetMaster control software
  • TargetMaster interface module(s)
  • Remote control handset or hand-held controller.