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Anti-ricochet concrete

Ballistic anti-ricochet concrete is a safe, cost-effective bullet containment material that can safely absorb impacts from thousands of rounds of ammunition.

The material is ideal for the construction of:

  • Live-fire shoothouses
  • Bullet traps
  • Firing range backstops
  • Protective walls and barriers
  • Target emplacements
  • Grenade houses
  • 3-D targets.

Anti-ricochet concrete is available in various densities and thicknesses, making it a suitable material for stopping rounds of different calibers—from 5.56mm up to 0.50 cal.

Multiple impacts in the same area do not produce ricochets. A pocket of debris is formed, most of which stays within the block, and the pocket moves deeper into the concrete as further bullets strike the same area. Bullets can be fired at point black range when using an anti-ricochet concrete containment system, providing the angle between the surface and incoming fire is 30-degrees or more.

The density of anti-ricochet concrete is one half of conventional concrete, with no coarse aggregate. Fibres are used to increase the material's strength. It can also be moulded into almost any shape and painted.

Anti-ricochet concrete is an environmentally-friendly material. The closed-cell concrete composition provides a dry, alkaline medium for bullet containment. This alkalinity results in very low amounts of lead leaching, with little or no hazardous lead dust when a round strikes the surface. The material is non-combustible and will neither corrode nor rot.

Ballistic anti-ricochet concrete blocks being assembled into a live-fire shoothouse.