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Shooting range design

Shooting ranges

When designing any shooting range, CDUK first considers the type of training to be carried out, the weapons to be used, the available land area and the proximity to other buildings.


CDUK has provided some of the most cutting-edge Close Quarter Battle ranges in the world. CQB facilities can be multi-storey, with any number of rooms and adjustable room layouts.

Training centres

CDUK can design and deliver comprehensive training facilities. We specialise in meeting clients to analyse their needs, and providing them with complete turn-key solutions.

Training towers

We can build multi-purpose training towers to include skills training in sniper shooting skills, climbing and fast roping, as well as team and confidence building.

Method of Entry buildings

Method of Entry buildings provide important skills training to police and military units, teaching officers how to make tactical entries through doors and windows, using climbing ladders and fast-roping.

Urban ranges

CDUK has designed and constructed many types of urban range to support various training requirements, including training villages with house and building facades.

Design standards

Our ranges are designed to meet all local standards, as well as best international practices, to ensure the safety of range users and to lessen the impact on the surrounding environment.