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Close Quarter Battle houses

CDUK has been at the forefront of Close Quarter Battle house (CQB) design and fit-out for over 30 years, having delivered a number of the world's most sophisticated live-fire training facilities to various Special Forces and other specialist units.

We have designed and constructed a wide range of CQB houses, incorporating land, aviation and maritime-based training functions, tailor made to meet end-users specific needs and to accommodate the latest tactics and weapon systems.

Our CQB houses range from simple open-top shoot houses all the way up to fully ventilated tactical assault houses, incorporating the latest safety and monitoring systems, firearms training simulators, electronic targetry, partition systems, force-tracking systems and After Action Review suites.

A three-dimensional graphic of a proposed CQB building.
Outside view of a two-storey Close Quarter Battle house.

CQB features

  • Ballistically rated up to 5.56mm ammunition
  • Bullet traps and bullet protection systems with anti-ricochet finishes
  • Fully ventilated and/or air-conditioned
  • Full-size training mock-ups (aircraft, ships, oil rigs, etc.)
  • Mechanical and/or explosive Method of Entry (MOE) openings
  • Aviation, maritime and littoral options
  • Re-configurable bulletproof partition systems
  • Safety and video monitoring systems
  • Bulletproof doors and windows
  • Force-tracking systems with full AAR capabilities.