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Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges

With 30 years of experience, CDUK has established a proven track record for shooting range design that combines a needs-based design approach with the knowledge of industry-leading subject matter experts to provide safe, efficient, cutting-edge training facilities.

By understanding the client's requirements, ranges can be designed to accommodate all training needs; whether that be an indoor or outdoor facility, the types of weapons to be used, and the types of training to be conducted.

This understanding ensures that clients have their training needs met by exacting standards and ensures that their budgets are met in a cost-effective manner.

CDUK can also provide complete client confidentiality as well as security cleared staff.

Firearms officers engage virtual targets with live rounds in a 100 metre tactical indoor range.
Police marksmen practice shooting on a 300 metre outdoor range.

Throughout the world CDUK is known as an industry leader for delivering turnkey solutions in:

  • Outdoor range facilities
  • Indoor static ranges
  • Indoor tactical ranges
  • Close Quarter Battle houses
  • Live-fire modular ranges.