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Method of Entry buildings

Method of Entry (MOE) buildings provide a unique training evironment for law enforcement and military personnel to learn how to make tactical entries through doors and windows using breaching shotgun rounds, door rams, pry bars, vehicles or fast roping.

This enhanced training provides alternative methods and tactics to trained forces, as well as a deeper level of understanding to field personnel.

MOE buildings that cater to explosive methods—such as det cord—need to be carefully designed so that the building structure can safely absorb the explosive forces involved in such detonations, again and again, without any long term deterioration or damage.

With a vast amount of experience designing facilities in this field, CDUK can deliver safe and durable mechanical and explosive Method of Entry systems that will stand the test of time.

Utilising easily-replaceable, low-cost materials as substitute doors, windows and hinges, officers can practise breaching techniques without causing damage to the rest of the building structure. This flexibility means trainers can quickly re-orientate a door or window opening, giving more options for training.

A three-dimensional graphic of a proposed Method of Entry building.
A group of armed officers stack up behind another officer as he uses a door ram to breach a wooden training door.