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Specialist training centres

As our track record shows, CDUK has delivered some of the largest and most innovative specialist training centres in the world. With our project and construction management expertise, we can provide all facets of facility design—from master planning and budgeting, scheme and detailed design, all the way through to life-cyle and maintenance cost analysis.

CDUK specialises in meeting clients to analyse their training needs, and then providing them with a turnkey solution to meet their requirements. This ensures that—beyond meeting the client's requirements—the training centre remains a safe and secure location that does not impact on the surrounding environment through air or noise pollution.

No matter the size or scope of your project, CDUK can deliver it to you.

We can provide a comprehensive training centre to include:

  • Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges
  • Sniper towers
  • Tactical assault houses
  • Grenade ranges
  • Explosive and mechanical Method of Entry structures
  • Urban training villages
  • Aircraft, vehicle and maritime training mock-ups
  • Force-on-force training areas
  • Road courses and driver training tracks
  • Maintenance and administrative facilities
  • Storage areas
  • Classrooms and auditoriums
  • Medical centres
  • Accommodation blocks
  • Fitness training facilities.
Aerial shot of the Metropolitan Police Specialist Training Centre in Gravesend, Kent.