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Training towers

CDUK has designed and built multi-purpose training towers—in multi-storey steel or concrete—up to 8 storeys and typically 5 x 5 metres in section.

These towers can be equipped with a series of sniper and observation balconies—at various heights—accessed by an internal staircase, and capped by an aircraft mock-up designed for fast rope training.

Certain elevations of the tower can include climbing walls, whilst the other walls can offer a combination of facade elevators to simulate potential obstructions or access points during abseil training operations.

The tower can be co-located with an adjacent shooting range to enable sniper engagement on to both fixed and intermediate distance target positions.

An armed officer rappelling down the side of a training tower.
The training tower at the Metropolitan Police Specialist Training Centre in Gravesend, Kent.

Typical skills trained on the tower can include:

  • Basic to advanced level climbing skills
  • Basic to advanced level abseiling and roping skills
  • Rope ascents
  • Agility-at-height techniques
  • Confidence building
  • Team building exercises
  • Sniper shooting skills.