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Urban ranges

As recent conflicts and current events have shown, there is a greater need to provide military and police personnel with more training in an urban setting. These events include conflict in cities, riots, natural disasters and policing large-scale events such as the Olympics. Most law enforcement and military units do not have access to dedicated urban training environments.

CDUK has provided facilities around the world that specialise in urbanised military and law enforcement training. CDUK uses its previous experience, as well as former law enforcement, military personnel and industry leaders, to create immersive environments capable of providing live-fire urban operations training.

Whether you require a modern metropolitan cityscape, a country-side village, or a bazaar from Afghanistan, CDUK can create it for you.

Police officers, equipped with riot shields and helmets, practice crowd-control tactics in a mock urban setting.
An elevated view of mock building facades in an urban range.

CDUK can provide:

  • Customisable urban cityscapes
  • Suburban and residential cityscapes
  • Commercial and industrial settings
  • Airport and seaport mock-up facilities
  • Customisable building facades
  • Multi-storey structures
  • Helicopter-accessible structures
  • Roadways and driver training tracks.