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Shooting range maintenance

CDUK provides comprehensive range maintenance services for all types of ranges. From small 25-metre ranges to large urban training areas, we have the expertise to operate, deploy and maintain all kinds of target equipment and range systems.

Bullet protection

A worker inspects the floor baffle inside an indoor shooting range.

The bullet protection systems in our ranges are carefully designed to stringent international standards for indoor and outdoor ranges. These systems are installed by a specialist expert contractor to maximise the safety of all range users.

To ensure that trainees continue to train within a safe environment, it is important that these systems are maintained to the same high standards. This means they need regular checks and monitoring to ensure that they continue to meet modern international safety standards.

HVAC systems

The importance of maintaining a good, clean supply of fresh air to indoor ranges cannot be understated. Airhandling systems are specially designed to manage this critical component, and ensure that lead-in-air levels are not allowed to exceed prescribed limits.

With extensive experience and knowledge we know how to properly maintain these critical systems with regular maintenance, filter replacement and testing to make sure that systems perform as originally designed to give you a safe working environment for your training.

Electronic systems

An engineer carries out corrective maintenance on a target system.

CDUK has extensive experience in support and maintenance of all kinds of range systems, including safety and monitoring systems, electronic targetry and the PRISim Suite training simulators. We have worked with most of the major targetry system vendors.

We can supply spare parts and perform repairs on most types of targetry systems for infantry, armour and aircraft training ranges. We can also offer upgrades to legacy targetry equipment to keep these systems operational, even after the OEM has stopped providing support.