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Bulletproof partitions

CDUK offers two types of bulletproof partitions—a ceiling-mounted version or freestanding panels. Non-bulletproof partitions and panels with door and window openings are also available.

Ceiling-mounted partition system

The ceiling-mounted partition system is easy to use and quick to set up. The system can be installed into any indoor shooting range that has a sufficient load-bearing support structure.

The system utilises a proven aluminium overhead matrix track-and-trolley system, which makes it easy to move panels into place within minutes. The overhead matrix can support panels weighing up to 720kg.

The ballistic panels are manufactured with overlapping joints. This means that all rounds are safely captured and contained within the panels. Panels can be made to absorb and prevent back-splash of projectiles for all calibers up to 5.56mm ball ammunition.

The ballistic panels are covered in an anti-ricochet finish—suitable for ball and frangible ammunitions—that is designed to withstand the rigours of high-intensity live-fire training. The anti-ricochet surfaces are easily cleaned and replaceable.

Freestanding partition system

The freestanding partition system is a cost-effective, demountable and relocatable ballistic partition system that is simple to install. It can be used within an indoor range, or outside on a concrete or tarmac hard standing.

The system is easily assembled by two people without the need for fixings or bracing. Panels can be transported and positioned using a system-built lifting and stabilisation support for ease of movement.

Posts and stabilising feet are made from non-splintering plastic wood. Each panel has an anti-ricochet facing made from a special thermo-plastic material. Once the bullet passes through the facing, the material closes up to prevent ricochets and back-splash.

The freestanding system is modular and can be used to form rooms and passageways of any size from 1.5 metres upwards. Panels with non-bulletproof doors can be rapidly changed from left to right hinge, and inward to outward opening.

Differences between the two systems

The table below provides a quick comparison of the two partition systems.

Key differences between the ceiling-mounted and freestanding partition systems
Feature Ceiling-mounted partition system Freestanding partition system
Re-configuration time Typically faster Typically slower
Floor finish Can be used with anti-ricochet floors Needs a hardened floor surface or hard standing
Ventilation requirements Requires a matrix of extraction points to maintain airflow Uses the existing indoor ventilation system
Relative cost Higher Lower