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Laser fire training simulators

Portable systems

Highly portable systems with durable designs. Provides a realistic training experience. Supports lethal, less lethal and non-lethal force options.

Fixed systems

The PRISim Suite InstalledTrainer PRO is a classroom-based laser-fire training simulator that is loaded with features.

PRISim Suite

PRISim Suite is a training tool that promotes positive learning and skills that are difficult to recreate by other training methods.


The patented and integrated Shootback cannon is simple, safe and effective: It shoots back! Increase the realism in your training.

Weapon conversions

Quickly and efficiently, CDUK can convert a regular weapon into an effective training weapon using compressed gas instead of ammunition.

Less lethal devices

Safe and effective training with less-lethal devices. CDUK offers the most realistic simulation-adapted TASER and OC sprays on the market.