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Less lethal training devices


CDUK can provide a laser-modified TASER X26 for use on your PRISim Suite training simulator. Each TASER comes with two heads, a functioning light and LCD, and a visible aiming laser. When the trainee activates the device, the simulator responds by showing the correct branching scene.

Chemical agent

These are laser-equipped OC spray canisters designed for use with our laser-based PRISim Suite training simulators. The canister's laser is coded so that when the trainee uses this less-lethal device, the simulator responds by showing the correct branching outcome.


Available in the SA200 and SA10. Both use the standard launcher mechanism. The coded laser inside the barrel is triggered each time the launcher is fired, providing there is an air supply. PRISim Suite will show the impact location and jump to the appropriate branch scene.


CDUK has a range of flashlights, including weapon-mounted versions, to use in low-light simulation training. PRISim Suite simulates the flashlight beam by tracking a laser fitted inside the flashlight. During scenario playback the position of the beam is replayed on the screen.