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Simple and effective: It shoots back!

The patented and integrated ShootBack cannon seamlessly integrates "hostile gun fire" from on-screen threats. The cannon synchronises with Judgment Trainer video scenarios to fire a .68 calibre nylon ball when the suspect on the screen shoots at the trainee. The ShootBack cannon can fire an accurate single shot, three-round burst, or fully automatic "hostile fire" (approximately 7 shots per second).

It's proven to be one of the most immediate and effective training tools. Shootback is self-contained and does not require a seperate air compressor.

The Shootback system includes:

  • The cannon: electronics, air compressor, ammunition feed unit, video camera and laser sight
  • Floor or wall mounting bracket
  • Monitor to display the training footage from the cannon's video camera
  • Joystick to control aiming and firing
  • 100 nylon balls. (More balls can be ordered on request)

ShootBack is designed to work with PRISim Suite. It is also available as a standalone unit for use with any brand of simulator.