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The 9mm RecoilRound Aircartridge provides realistic cycle of operation and recoil for 9mm semi-automatic pistols and sub-machine guns.

The RecoilRound is a patented training alternative to ammunition, using compressed air as its propellant. When the firing pin strikes the back of the cartridge, the compressed air vents, forcing the slide to go back. The weapon's ejector forces the Aircartridge out, and as the slide returns the next RecoilRound is chambered.

RecoilRound Aircartridges are re-fillable. A re-loading press connects to either an air compressor or gas bottle. Aircartridges are loaded into the press and re-filled with compressed air, ready for the next training session.

The Aircartridge conversion kit uses a modified barrel. The chamber is shortened so a conventional, lethal round cannot be fully chambered. The laser insert screws into the end of the modified barrel.

Aircartridge features

  • Firearm ejects the simulated round to provide increased realism
  • Trainees can practise safe weapon handling, IA and stoppage drills
  • Requires changing of magazine after existing rounds are spent
  • Rounds can be easily recharged using a simple re-loading press
  • Aircartridge technology is clean and reliable.