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Dry-fire weapon conversions

Dry-fire weapon conversions have no recoil. When the trigger is pulled, the laser insert is activated. Dry-fire weapons are low-cost, can be holstered, and require little maintenance, making them ideal for judgemental use-of-force training.

Drop-in kits

For the dry-fire drop-in kits, the original barrel is removed from a real weapon and replaced with a modified barrel that accepts the laser insert.

The breech of the modified barrel is machined so that a live fire round cannot be chambered.

After training, the drop-in kit can be removed and the weapon can be returned to normal service by replacing the original barrel.

Simulator weapons

Dry-fire simulator weapons are deactivated weapons that have been permanently modified for use on the training simulator.

The barrel of the deactivated weapon is modified to hold the laser insert.

A re-chargeable battery is housed inside the magazine well or butt stock. A charging socket allows the battery pack to be re-charged without needing to be removed from the weapon.

All deactivated weapons come with a deactivation certificate from a UK Proof House.

Laser inserts

Our laser inserts are low-powered eye-safe non-visible laser devices designed to work with our range of laser-based training simulators.