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Multi Media Training System

The MMTS is a cost effective stop-on-shot live fire simulator, which has been used extensively for Police training and wide screen cinematic commercial hunting applications.

The MMTS comes with a wide-screen paper screen. A set of lights mounted on the back of the screen provide illumination to aid in the display of shot locations. When a shot is fired, the training system freezes the video image on the projector. The white light behind the screen provides a bright spot in the place where the bullet penetrated the screen. This feature helps the shooter to identify and analyse the shots. A lipstick camera positioned in front of the screen transmits a live video image of the shooter to the monitor.

The MMTS is supplied with a fully programmable remote control and sensor unit. Using the remote control, the instructor can easily operate the following functions on the MMTS system: Start, Stop, Pause, Change of targets and scenarios, Switch between Stop-on-Shot and Memorise modes, and also control the sound volume and additional sound effects in the video. The remote control allows the instructor to control preloaded scenarios from inside the range next to the trainee.

The built in authoring system provides all of the following functions for creating new scenarios:

  • Transfer digital video clips from a camcorder to the computer
  • Produce a video from the digital video clips
  • Create new hunting or judgemental training situations or edit existing situations
  • Test the situation before using it for training.