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P3000 PRISim Suite® LiveFire Trainer

The PRISim Suite LiveFire Trainer is the most technologically advanced live fire training simulator available on the market today. It provides a unique training environment for military and law enforcement professionals to practice live firing at interactive video-based or CGI scenarios for unprecedented, realistic training.

The PRISim Suite LiveFire Trainer is available for installation into a certified live fire range or our self-contained QuickRange modular shooting range.

Key features

  • Live fire sensors track rounds up to 3,248 fps and 5.56mm to .50 caliber munitions
  • Self-healing Linatex screen or a live fire paper screen capable of handling thousands of rounds
  • Simulates qualification courses in any live fire range
  • Presents consistent training scenarios and learning objectives
  • Records training performance for after action reviews
  • Integrated presentation viewer for briefing and debriefing
  • Scenario performance and debrief export.