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P4000 PRISim Suite® LaserLiveTrainer

The PRISim Suite LaserLiveTrainer is the ultimate full-featured judgement evaluation and force options training simulator. By design, it creates a safe, effective and realistic learning environment for law enforcement, military and security professionals to practice shooting with their own service weapons, or with laser-based weapons and less-lethal devices.

The PRISim Suite system delivers all the hard realities of a real operational encounter. The judgment calls, indecision, sudden fear, partial understanding, blind side surprise and eye-blink response are all part of the training experience that conditions the trainee for survival.

PRISim Suite is a safe, effective training tool that promotes positive learning and skills that are difficult to recreate by other training methods.

Key features

  • High performance training system supports laser or live-firing
  • Durable platform designed to support all PRISim Suite training programs including judgement, force options, marksmanship and qualification needs
  • Live fire sensors track rounds up to 3,248 fps
  • Sensors can detect all calibers from 5.56mm up to .50 cal
  • Laser sensor tracks shots from laser-modified weapons and less-lethal devices
  • Capable of supporting the integrated ShootBack cannon.