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Live fire paper screens

We have a range of live fire paper screen units designed for indoor use with our live-fire training simulators. These screen units are available in three standard sizes—2400, 3500 and 4500mm. We can also manufacture screens to custom sizes on request.

Each screen comes with two rolls of reinforced high-brightness paper. This provides an excellent surface for projecting video and computer-generated images with high contrast, compared to other screen materials like rubber.
The reinforced paper resists tearing or shredding, even after a large number of rounds have been shot through the screen. 'Patch out' card is available instead of paper. We keep a large range of replacement facings in stock.

In addition to our 'flat' screens, we also manufacture a range of panoramic and 180-degree screens. The two flanking screen sections can be positioned to provide a wrap-around view for 180-degree training, or they can be folded flat to give a larger panoramic screen for shooting at static targets—enabling multiple firers to shoot in their own lanes.