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Panoramic training simulators

The PRISim Suite Panoramic and Multi-lane training simulators offer up to 12 individual shooting lanes in a suitable indoor range.

Each simulator comes with multiple projectors, live fire sensors, a continuous panoramic paper screen, rack-mounted computer system, two LCD monitors, keyboard, mouse, laser printer, and a wireless instructor control tablet.

The training simulator comes pre-installed with the PRISim Suite Marksmanship Trainer software operating under Windows 7. This projects full size and distance target images on to the paper screen. As trainees engage targets from any location within their shooting lane, the Marksmanship Trainer detects the fall of shot to determine if a target was hit or missed.

Shot results and scores are fed back to an individual lane monitor in real time, and can be recorded in the results database for later evaluation.

In addition to marksmanship training, the PRISim Suite Judgement Trainer can be installed to run High Definition interactive video scenarios on a central screen for judgement and force evaluation training.